My name is Adele Geldenhuys.  I am a self-taught South African Artist.

I enjoy experimenting with different mediums but mostly work in acrylic. I do not have a specific style, my works range from realistic, naive, semi-realistic to abstract.

I started a portrait framing business in 2004 in Kathu in the Northern Cape and only painted a few times for local exhibitions.  At the beginning of 2017, I sold the framing business and re-located to Bloemfontein.

Today, after 27 years I have the privilege to paint full-time.

My paintings are bright and colorful.  Without color, the world would be bland and boring shades of gray.  Color has the power to calm us, to put us on high alert, and to get us in touch with nature, that is why color is often one of the most exciting components of a painting.  It can be used for its decorative beauty, to create mood, and to express or arouse an emotion.  I do not only want to make the viewer feel a certain way, I’m also trying to communicate my own feelings.

My works usually tell a story about love, life, hope, and memories. I am at my happiest when my buyers not only see beautiful colors that brighten their room but also see the story I am trying to convey with a brush or pallet knife.





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